National Parks and Wildlife Management | Rhodesia and Zimbabwe 1928-1990



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Paul Hubbard - Associate Researcher, Natural History Museum, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

This is a quick note to let you know that your parcel arrived safely today; I have also spent about five hours paging through the book – it is a huge work and contains an absolute mountain of information. May I take this opportunity to thank you for compiling this wonderful treatise – I shall continue to enjoy reading and re-reading it for a long time to come! The collection of photos is stunning!
Dr. Peter Ashton – Pretoria

Wow, Mike. The book is awesome. I commend you for committing so many years of your life to producing this tome – “lest we should forget”. Bravo. Thanks, too, for the limited edition.
Barbara Wood – Somerset West

What a great production & riveting read, thank you so much for your massive efforts along with you team of assistants. Congratulations to you all for an incredible job. Much appreciated.
Aubrey van Veen – Montague Gardens, Cape Town

The Book arrived today, much more than I expected and worth twice the price.
Bill Fereday – Durban

I have just collected my book and every new page is a thrill tinged with sadness! What a marvellous effort you have done us and history a huge service! Well done.
Hannes Wessels – Montague, Cape Town

An incredible amount of work and such a lot you managed to pack in there my friend! A masterpiece indeed to be cherished by all our colleagues, families and friends who served! WELL DONE MIKE. So appreciated!!
Tony Conway – Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (Zululand)

Congratulations. It has far exceeded what I thought it would be. It is not a book – it is a Tome and I am thinking of fitting wheels to mine. It will become very collectable Africana and is a chronicle of a time that we will never see the likes of again. What a privilege to have lived through some of it.
Dr. Jeremy Anderson – White River, South Africa

Just a quick note from Di and myself to wish you the compliments of the season. I am sorry I have been so late in sending this message but time seems to pass so quickly. I also waste a lot of time reading the bits and pieces I have written over the years to revive my memories of what has been a wonderful career in which, somehow, I have always found someone willing to pay me for indulging in my hobby. Needless to say your wonderful book has done much to prolong and add to the exercise, filling many gaps in what were simply anecdotes that had been mentioned to me over time before reading your more authentic accounts of them.
Dr Graham Child (ex Director NPWLM Rhodesia/Zimbabwe)

I just thought I would let you know how special the book has proved to be to us, but I also think to any reader generally interested in conservation in Africa. Thank you again for the book
Dr. Colleen Seymour – Cape Town

This title, distributed from Hilton, South Africa, was a collector’s item even before it was published, such is the mystique of the Department worldwide. It is long overdue, but no doubt well worth the wait when you see how it has been done. National Parks and Wildlife Management, Rhodesia and Zimbabwe, 1928-1990 if there is a must-have title for any Africa or wildlife library for the last decade, this is probably it!
I.J Larivers (Editor - African Hunter)

Mike Bromwich deserves huge accolades and thanks for his labours of six years that have resulted in this historic work. Thank goodness someone with his background and knowledge had taken the trouble to record this epic period for posterity.
Dr. John Ledger (Editor - Environment Magazine)

I have been engrossed with your book for the past few days. My initial impressions have been absolute wonder at the many who served to protect and develop this God given heritage of our Parks and Wildlife. How fitting that your book tribute is to Our Creator – the book not only catalogues facts and anecdotes, but I believe more important than all of that is a celebration of a long chapters of stewardship of God’s resources and as such is a tribute to God’s grace amongst us. Your work is presentation and craft in compiling such a magnificent record can’t go unsung – brilliant!
Rev. Kevin Thompson – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Well done on leaving this definitive work on the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management and the incredible record of the men and women of all colours who worked in this Department which now can never be erased or forgotten.
Colin Lowe – Livingstone, Zambia

10 minutes ago I finally put THE BOOK down having read every page, from cover to cover. It was a captivating, educational as well as a motivating experience, having walked one through the achievements and emotions of a dedicated band of wildlife warriors. I commend you for a monumental undertaking in recording the annals of history in an oft maligned land, I cannot start to comprehend or appreciate the task that you successfully undertook.
Cedric Dallas – Cape Town

Mike, just to congratulate you on a superb piece of work, what a stunning book to add to our library!
David Zeller – McGregor, South Africa

It’s brilliant! Well done!
Leigh Schroenn - Harare

I am in the NC Mountains sitting in front of an early spring fire with many friends who have been to Zim. Your amazing book arrived and we are feeling very nostalgic looking at photos of some incredible people. Clem Coetzee, Mike many great people. You have done a wonderful job. THANK YOU.
Kathy Schenck – Charleston, USA

Received our books via via via ..... Quickly flipped thru a few pages last night - Oh my heavens - what a feast of the most delightful reading material - I am super excited and will carefully read cover to cover and so looking forward to it ... What an achievement to document it all in an awesome book ... a job very well done and congratulations to you on the end product. Last but not least a very BIG thank you for sharing this info on probably a country with the most fabulous wildlife parks and true genuine wildlife scouts /rangers Africa ever produced ..!!! So many legends out of Zim ...!! The book will ensure their work will never be forgotten ....!!!
Shirley Mundell - Swaziland

Thank goodness I heard about this book just in time to obtain one of the last few copies! The gathering of all that first-hand information from the staff, both white and black, who served with such distinction and success in our National Parks and Wildlife Department, and then putting all of it together into such a readable format, must stand forever as being a major contribution to wild-life conservation in Africa and around the world, and as an inspiration to many future generations of would-be conservationists. I have always said that Zimbabwe has all the necessary ingredients to be the class-room for Africa, and this book could be an important text book for showing how dedication by individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, and backed by efficient direction and support from capable senior staff, can help to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy an exposure to the remnants of the environment and its flora and fauna that evolved on this fascinating continent - we have to protect every bit that still remains of that legacy. Mike Bromwich deserves maximum gratitude for producing this extremely interesting and important record: I feel sure that its educational value will be widely appreciated and I anticipate that it will do for our wild-life and environment what Austin Roberts achieved for the birds of Southern Africa and their environment after he published the first edition of his bird book.
Darrel Plowes - Former Provincial Agricultural Director, Mutare, Zimbabwe.